CV English – 2023

Elizabeth GRECH, Paris, translator & proofreader, cultural project manager


Translations from French and Italian to English:

In charge of the English version of the MEDITERRA Report (2013, 2016, 2018) published by the CIHEAM (International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies) in Paris with Sciences Po Presses; translation of Anthropological, Social, Political and Human Sciences research articles since 2011; translation of articles for (since 2009) and MEDFeminiswiya; translation of communication and presentation material for Mana Chuma (theatre company, Italy); translation of newsletters, press and communication material for the Officine Universelle Buly since 2021.

Literary translations from Maltese into French:

Maltese writers and/or poets (Adrian Grima, Antoine Cassar, John Aquilina, John Portelli, Clare Azzoppardi and Norbert Bugeja) whose works have been presented in many literary festivals (former Festival of Lodève and European Voices France, Passaporta, Belgium) and published in various journals.

Poetry writing in Maltese, different publications and works translated into various languages (English, Italian, French, Romanian, Albanian, Mandarin, Nepali and Greek).

Management of collaborative cultural projects in the Mediterranean:

Analysis and advice on the feasibility of cultural projects; evaluation of grant applications; network coordination; research and dissemination of information in different languages; fundraising; organisation of meetings in France and in Mediterranean countries; sound knowledge of the cultural and artistic sector in the Mediterranean (especially the MENA region). Networking and international relations with Mana Chuma, theatre company (Italy).


Mana Chuma (theatre company, Reggio Calabria, Italy)
January 2019 – 
International relations, networking and development of collaborative projects in the Mediterranean;
Translations of documents and website;
Translation of “Come un granello di sabbia” performance by Massimo Barilla and Salvatore Arena (it – fr).

CIHEAM  (International Centre for Advances Mediterranean Agronomic Studies), Paris
January 2017 –
Writing, proofreading, editing, translations for the Web site;
Participation to the preparation of press releases;
Management of the press review on

Since May 2021
Translation of journalistic articles English – French.

Fondation IMéRA, Institut d’études avancés, Université Aix-Marseille
Since April 2021
Translation of scientific articles from French into English.

Officine Universelle Buly, Paris
Since April 2021
Translation and correction of texts – French to English.

Chanel, Paris
March 2021
Translation of a literary text from Italian/French into English.

Med Feminiswiya
Since February 2021
Translation of journalistic articles French – English – French.

Astragali Teatro, Lecce, Italy
July 2020 – 
Proofreading and modifications of the English version of the dramatic text Mater Medea by Fabio Tolledi written in Italian.

World Organisation Against Torture (WOAT) – Tunis Office
April 2020 –
Translation of reports, proceedings and other working documents

Théâtre 13 vents (Centre national d’art dramatique, Montpellier, France)
February 2019 –
Translation of presentations of artists and performances

Médecins sans frontières, Paris
April 2018 – 
Translation of texts presenting the actions of MSF

Club Demeter, Paris
February 2017 –
Translation of articles on the agro-food industry.

Tamara Lise (artist)
November 2018 / April 2020
Literary translations of texts from French into English

Alain Rivière-Lecoeur (photographer)
March 2020
Literary translations of texts from French into English for the publication of “Flesh of Stone”

Marc Chesneau (photographer)
January 2020
Literary translations of texts from French into English for the publication of “Faroe Islands: The Land of Maybe”

Musée d’art moderne et contemporain de Saint-Etienne métropole (France)
November 2019
Translation of documents

CIRVA – Centre international de recherche sur le verre et les arts plastiques (Marseille, France)
October 2019
Translation of documents

Artistic project Wiċċna, Malte
April 2018
WIĊĊNA (in Maltese: Our Face) will be a book of photographic portraits of individuals from different backgrounds, generations and ethnicities currently residing in Malta.
Translation of a text on the project written by Philippe Parizot.

FAI-AR Formation supérieure d’art en espace public, Marseille
February 2018
Translation of texts in the framework of the MOOC project

Gallimard loisirs, Paris
June 2016
Proofreading for Cartovilles – Malte
February – April 2018
Updating of Cartoville Malte, writing of  articles and itineraries for Géoguide coup de coeur Malte

Freedom Voices Network and Premières Lignes, Paris
March-April 2018
Translation of texts and interviews in the framework of the “Daphne’s Project” – Forbidden Stories and the production of a documentary film.

Le Comptoir des Voyages, Paris
February – March 2017
Blog article and photos on Malta;
Writing of a guide on Malta.

 Fondation René Seydoux pour le monde méditerranéen, Paris
March 2006 – June 2016
– Management of the Mediterranean Directory, online database that features organisations and journals focusing on the Euro-med region; research analysis, data processing and updates, writing and translation of notes on organisations and journals;
– Management and coordination of the website and Facebook page;
– Network coordination (the René Seydoux Foundation was the Head of Network of the French Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation);
– Application for, management and follow-up of public and private grants;
– Coordination and management of collaborative cultural projects;
– Consulting and technical support provided to cultural operators for the planning of cultural and artistic projects exchanges;
– Participation to and organisation of meetings, workshops and conferences (administration, logistics and content) in France and in the MENA region;
– Management, assessment and follow-up of grant requests;
– Supervision and training of interns and/or employees; definition of the profiles sought and participation to recruitment processes;
– Creation and coordination of the blog of the itinerary workshop on cultural exchanges in the MediterraneanPensée et pratiques de l’échange culturel en Méditerranée launched by the Foundation in 2012 brining together cultural operators, human and social scientists and artists.

Les Instants vidéo numériques et poétiques, Marseille
Since 2013
Translation of texts from French into English in the framework of the annual Festival des Instants vidéo poétiques et numériques., Rome
October 2009 – October 2012
– Coordination of a network of English speaking journalists in the Mediterranean;
– Establishment of partnerships with other independent media in the region;
– Editing, correction and translation of articles (French-English-French, Italian-English);
– Writing of a cultural agenda, articles in English and in French;
– Coordination of the Facebook page.

Musée national du Sport, Paris
Management of the loan of photos, follow-up of photography campaigns, digitalisation and database management.

MuCEM,(Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée), Marseille
Collection mission on gender construction in Malta in the framework of the preparation of one of the opening exhibitions of the museum in 2013, Le bazar du genre

Collaborator of an anthropologist (Patrick Fournier)
Technical support, writing, fieldwork and publication of La Bièvre, la Haute Vallée, coll. Mémoire en Images, Vol. I, II, III, Alan Sutton Publishers, 2002 – 2003.

Internship at the Musée national d’arts et traditions populaires
Participation to the organisation of the preparatory exhibition of the MUCEM entitled Parlez-moi d’Alger, presentation, research of objects and documentary research.


University Diploma in Arabic
Sorbonne University, Paris IV

DESS Tourism Development and Planning
University Lumière, Lyon II

Licence (BA) and Masters in Ethnology
University of Provence, Aix-Marseille I


Maltese and English: maternal languages

French: bilingual

Italian: very fluent

Arabic: elementary


World music, photography, literature (poetry) – writing, organisation of readings, and regular practice of Hatha yoga since 2008.

Board member (networks and international relations) of HELA (Hub for Excellence in the Literary arts), Malta.

Member of:

ATLAS-CITLAssociation pour la promotion de la traduction littéraire;
ATLFAssociation des traducteurs littéraires de France;
Inizjamed, Maltese NGO devoted to the promotion of literary and translation exchanges in the Mediterranean;
French Euromed Network, a platform of French civil society organisations working in/with the Mediterranean;
SACDSociété des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques., an online magazine devoted to Mediterranean cultures and societies.