“Lake Mirror of Venus”, orginally written in Maltese and translated into English, is published in the online literary journal ActiveMuse (India) in the Varsha (Monsoon) 2019 collection. Special thanks to Savita, Chaitali, Cashmere and Shashi Kadapa.Varsha (Monsoon) 2019


Lake Mirror of Venus (Pantelleria)

Image courtesy: The ExoticIndia Art Gallery, New Delhi, India

By Elizabeth Grech

Let me be the sea in which you swim,
the dry salt engraved on your skin
the map of the simmering lake in your blood,
the volcano wakened by your trembling land,
the wind that swings the white of your hair,
the scent of almonds in your breath,
the dusky red sky welcoming the weariness of the day.