My poem “Her face”, orginally written in Maltese and translated into English, is published in the online literary journal ActiveMuse (India) in the Vasant (Spring) 2019 collection. Special thanks to Special thanks to Savita, Chaitali, Cashmere and Shashi Kadapa.

Image courtsey: The ExoticIndia Art Gallery, New Delhi, India.

Her Face

To fill the void
left by her absence,
you meticulously
pass your fingers
over her face
without forgetting
the slightest contour
of her earth.

You stop for a moment,
to feel the little hollow
on the right hand side
between her nose and chin,
you let the wave of
a nascent smile
from her eyes
grasp you.

Eyes closed,
with your palm,
you scan her face
to retain each detail.
You pass your thumb
as slowly as you can
over the flesh of her gaping lips.
You count every pleat
and listen to the beat
of the redness left
by all those kisses.

For a moment,
you seek the stars in her eyes
the glow of her cheeks
reaches you.
You can now go.
You know that you’re leaving
with her
inside you.