Literary Agenda 2017 edited by Costanza Ferrini

Mincione Edizioni

This special agenda features a collection of poetry and paintings revolving around the theme of the earth. While following the solar calendar, each new moon is rhythmed by a poem or a painting.

Zizzanie is an emblem of wild herbs that grow unexpectedly and sprout in the lunar calendar. The agenda opens with Etel Adnan, artist and poet translated around the world, followed by the artist Marta Fontana, the photographer Rosi Giua, Costanza Ferrini, the young Lilia Parizot-Clerico and Elizabeth Grech who published her poems here for the first time, Gaia Zaccagni, poet, painter and Byzantinist, Annalisa Comes, poet, Choman Hardi, Iraqi exile in Britain, Maria Pace Chiavari, Italian photographer in Brazil, Adania Shibli, Palestinian writer, Cristina Viti, poet and translator, Hanan al-Shaykh, Lebanese author, Najeh Taher, Lebanese painter and illustrator.

Zizzanie’s rights are entirely devoted to two schooling projects (one in Iraqi Kurdistan and the other in a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon) led by the Association Un ponte per…”